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Health and Safety new measures

Dear guests, partners and friends,

We hope that you and your beloved persons are safe and sound as well as this unprecedented global crisis hasn’t dramatically affected your daily life.

The new reality of Covid-19 has forced to take into account even more precautionary measures for health and safety. Here at Selini Hotel, the public health and the safety of our guests are of utmost importance, hence the “Selini family” decides to implement more measures which ensure a healthy environment both for the guests and the employees by keeping also inalterable our joy for hospitality.

Based on the latest local news, we would like to inform you that Santorini hasn’t faced any Covid-19 case so far and we really hope to keep it as it is. From our website, we will keep you posted, as we constantly update it.
Following the Greek Government’s orders and the travel restrictions, Selini Hotel will start its operation this year on July 1st 2020. Nevertheless, both the Reservations Dpt. and our designated Hygiene & Safety team are always remaining at your entire disposal and are ready to assist you at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Complying with the new facts, we acted immediately and we would like to reassure you with some of the implemented precautionary measures of health and safety that we put in action:

We are happy to announce you that Selini Hotel following the restrictions and guidelines of the World Health Organization and the Greek’s government has developed and got in action a structured plan for the prevention and reaction of Covid-19, so as to protect its guests’ health as well as its employees. Thus, we are ready to welcome you all with safety and coziness like you feel at home.

Moreover, we would like to inform you that we made partnerships with branded businesses in the field of cleanliness with certified, eco-friendly products.

On top of that, our personnel have been trained by a qualified member of Selini Hotel who participated in a two months’ web-seminars regarding the new rules of hygiene and safety for the re-opening of the hotels.

“You might miss our smile but we smile at you under our masks”. We would like to inform you that the personnel of Selini Hotel use all the necessary personal protective equipment and check their temperature daily before they enter the premises.

Also, please note that a special Hygiene and Safety team has been formed and will be present on site, so as to provide information and assistance as well as monitor and support the overall operation of the hotel. Consequently, that will ensure the compliance and enforcement of the guidelines against the coronavirus.

Following the orders of the Greek authorities and taking into account the protocol of the Hellenic National Public Health Organization, our housekeeping department not only takes special care to ensure cleanliness during the check-out date but also keeps the room “unoccupied” for at least 24 hours to guarantee a high level of sterilization.

Even though the clean-up, the changing of bed shits, towels and amenities was a daily service nowadays we recommend our guests to let us know if they prefer it and which days or if they would like the intact delivery instead.

All the public areas (e.g. dinning-hall, pool, WC, outdoor bar) are still being cleaned at least twice per day especially the high risk spots (e.g. fixture, tap, flush, buttons etc.).

The laundry and ironing service take place at the hotel’s premises in a suitable designed area, so as to eliminate the contact with exterior partners.

Trying to decrease the crowding at the hotel’s lobby, we recommend our guests to experience the “outdoor check-in” at the exterior lounge bar of the hotel. That will offer a sense of relaxation from the beginning of your arrival.
Moreover, please note that the check-in (3pm) and check-out time (11am) has been adjusted in order to guarantee high level of sterilization and the natural aeration of the rooms. However, this is subject to availability and you may always contact the front desk for more information.

As far as the personal protective equipment is concerned, this can be offered to the guests too upon request as well as hand sanitizers will be placed in all common areas of the hotel. On top of that, the intact check of guests’ temperature is optional, nevertheless it is mandatory in case of a potential case. At the same time, all the necessary telephone numbers for public and private doctors, the hospital and the private clinic will be on display or given by the front desk.

Regarding the concierge service, it is provided solely at the outdoor lounge bar of Selini and all the recommended partners are complying with the new hygiene and safety measures.

The exterior guests are allowed only at the outdoor premises of the hotel and upon agreement with the front desk and it is subject to hotel’s availability. The use of the pool is strictly forbidden to the exterior guests.

Last but not least, we strongly recommend our guests to use contactless means of payment during the check-out procedure.

BREAKFAST (food & beverages)
We would like to inform our guests that Selini Hotel’s kitchen operates under the HACCP certification and thorough checks are run in regards of the food and beverages’ hygiene and safety. We take also special care of the cleanliness and sterilization of the warehouses and the counter. The delivery of the products takes place in a suitable designed area at the exterior premises of the hotel and both parties are using the personal protective equipment so as to avoid any contact or presence in the hotel’s buildings.

Our breakfast is still being served in the main hall of the hotel in a buffet style, however a member of the personnel would be in charge in order to ease the procedure and ensure the guests’ safety. All the dining tables and chairs have been placed so as to keep the social distancing, although we strongly recommend our guests to enjoy their breakfast at their furnished balconies/terrace with privacy and comfort. Also, we suggest our guests to book a table in advance or inform the front desk for their preferable breakfast time so as to avoid the crowd.

The fully renovated swimming pool of Selini Hotel operates in compliance with the new measures of maintenance and chlorination and our qualified partner checks daily the percentage of chlorine and the ph according to a specific timetable.
Up to 11 guests can use the pool at the same time and the sunbeds-umbrellas have been placed like so to keep the social distancing.

All the guests should use the public shower before and after using the pool and it is recommended bringing with you your personal towel and use it during your stay at the pool.

On behalf of Selini Hotel, we would like to thank you cordially for your support and empathy during this challenging time.

Our love to travel, the discovery of new experiences and our need to share it with our beloved persons will never end. And please remember... life is not black and white.
It’s blue and white like Santorini!

Till we meet again, stay safe!

Kind regards,
Theoni Syrigou
General Manager of Selini Hotel